Accelerated Freefall (AFF)

Accelerated Freefall is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to make a serious hobby out of skydiving in New Orleans. You'll go through intense instruction, but the payoff will be phenomenal. You'll eventually get to jump by yourself and be responsible for pulling your own ripcord and guiding yourself back down. Our instructors, who average 25 years of experience each, will make sure you are totally prepared before they set you loose, and when they do, you'll experience a feeling like no other! View some of our students' AFF jumps below:

My Son's first Jump

What a great experience this was from the minute we walked in until we left! Everyone was really nice, upbeat and positive. This was my son's 20th birthday present. I must say, it was an exciting experience for him and for the rest of us. We had an amazing time watching everyone. We all look forward to coming back real soon. After this experience, my sister and I are also thinking about jumping next time! Thank you to all!

Joanna McClain , Jan 20, 2015